For Parents and Carers – Covid-19 – Our next steps

Dear parents, carers and to everyone who attends Young Life Club,

Out of care and concern for the Australian community, we’d like you to know, Young Life Australia is aware of the latest advice about COVID-19 and is committed to acting responsibly. We are asking you to help us in line with the advice given by the respective Federal and State Health and Education Departments.

From Monday, June 29th, 2020 Young Life Australia will resume person-to-person activities and gatherings in a staged return in line with government health regulations. Please keep in contact by following us on Facebook and Instagram. Young Life Australia will continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation and act in step with developments according to Department of Education decisions and official advice from the relevant Health Departments.

We continue to advise that any person with COVID 19 symptoms not attend activities until they have quarantined for two weeks or have tested negative to COVID-19.

Thank you for being involved in Young Life and for helping us as we take the necessary steps to protect the wider community this season and as we begin to re-launch activities where appropriate.

We are committed to supporting young people and finding creative ways to keep in contact during the coming months. Please contact your Young Life leader and or Area Manager or myself if you have any questions.

Mark Stretton, Field Operations and Training Manager – Young Life Australia

P: 1300 557 647 E