Meet our volunteers: Laura and Zac

Dubbo Young Life team members Zac and Laura Kinscher, are part of an initiative offering support to teenagers living at boarding school. 

“Young Life was asked by the principal at Macquarie Anglican Grammar School, if we would step in and help support students in the boarding program’s first year,” explains Laura. 

“Our job is to get to know the students and spend some of their down time with them, chatting, playing games and sharing a meal.” 

There are seven boarders currently living at the school. Some of the boys and girls go home on weekends while others stay on for the school sport and other programs.

Zac describes spending time with the students “one of my favourite times of the week”.  

“They are the most delightful bunch of kids. Ever since Laura and I arrived they have embraced us.” 

“It isn’t structured… we play cricket, swim in the pool, chat, find out who they are and where they are coming from.” 

Laura agrees. “Our role is to provide community and be a support for the students who are all different in personality and in the way they respond to school and separation from their families,” says Laura. 

“When we were asked if we would be interested in the role, we knew it was perfect for us,” says Zac.  

“We are involved in Young Life because we are convinced relationships are what it’s all about when it comes to encouraging young people… that’s the ministry.” 

“But I’m convinced we enjoy going out there more than the kids enjoy having us!” says Zac. 

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