Media Release – National Day of Prayer for Youth

National Day of Prayer for Youth
Wednesday, August 21, 2019
Location: Multiple

Young Life Contact: Glyn Henman, CEO | PH 02 9877 5144 or MOB 0412 432 274


On Wednesday, August 21, Young Life Australia will be praying for youth in Australia and we are inviting the whole community to participate. Visit

Why pray for youth? Because for every 100 young people (15-19 years) in Australia, fifty say they believe in God but only five attend church. Meanwhile 23 are at significant risk of mental illness and between 9 and 25 will struggle to find work when they leave school*.

“Praying for youth is so important,” says Glyn Henman who heads the national Christian youth outreach Young Life Australia.

“Young Life Australia is for teenagers who may not have any other connection with church or Christianity. We are involved in supporting youth by helping out schools with different initiatives such as breakfast clubs, lunchtime activities and sport; while running Young Life Clubs in the community – where anyone up to the age of 18 can join in. That’s where young people hear (often for the first time) someone talking about their love for Jesus.”

“On August 21, our teams will be praying in 15 centres around Australia for more volunteers and church involvement on the ground; as well as for schools in our neighbourhoods, church youth leaders and the youth who need to hear about the reality of God’s goodness and grace.”

“We’re keen for others to join us,” says Glyn. “We have information and prayer points from our youth teams on a webpage. People can tap in and pray at home or in their small groups. Really we want people to think about their local schools, the teachers, the kids who may be struggling, the influences good and bad on teens and pray for teens to come in contact with the Gospel and ways the churches can play a part.”

“Also we need to pray for Chaplaincy – it’s still running in many Australian schools – and the student wellbeing officers who play a part in helping families dealing with tragedy and various struggles.”

Young Life is an international movement. It arrived in Australia in 1972. Today, the registered charity employs 44 (mostly part-time) staff and has 400 volunteers who run a network of clubs and camps in 15 locations around Australia with church support and community donations driving the engine.

For more information about Young Life and find information on our National Day of Prayer, visit

*Data on teens in church was cited in Powell, R. & Pepper, M. (Eds). (2017). Local Churches in Australia: Scanning the Landscape. NCLS Research: Sydney, Mirrabooka Press: Adelaide and is drawn from 2011 surveys; Mission Australia and the Black Dog Institute published the Youth mental health report Youth Survey 2012-16; and the research into youth unemployment was done by the Brotherhood of St Laurence.


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