LATEST ISSUE – September 2018 and the 2017-18 Annual Review

This edition includes Young Life Australia’s Annual Review and financial summary for 2017-18. We also hear from our dedicated workers in Guyra, Warren, Hobart and Armidale as they share the impact your support is having in the lives of teenagers.

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Previous Newsletters

May 2018 Issue

We hear from our team in Queensland and check in with one of our volunteers, Rachel about why she is sold on Club as a way of supporting young people in her community.

February 2018 Issue

Read about our Summer Camp through the eyes of the volunteers who served. Young Life in New England catch us up as to a new partnership helping to underpin work in the region and meet one of our donors. It all began with a broken window. Like to receive our news in your inbox? Then fill in the form below!

September 2017 issue and 2016-17 Annual Review

In this, Young Life Australia’s Annual Review for 2016-17 we report back to you, our support network, on our financial position and ongoing work among young people in Australia. Read about Young Life in the changing Aussie urban setting; and friends who have taken their experience with Young Life Australia with them overseas where they continue to serve and encourage teenagers.

June 2017 Newsletter

Young Life’s Ben Staunton reviews Netflix drama 13 Reasons Why on the issue of teenage suicide. We outline some help and resources available for those supporting teenagers experiencing tough times. Lucy Smith describes her experience coming on to the Young Life team in Hobart. Young Life in Victoria’s Monash Area is serving pancakes at Glen Waverley Secondary College.

March 2017 Newsletter

How do you build up and encourage the wide variety of young people who make up High Schools today? Young Life Chaplain, Georgia Gould, talks about some of the initiatives she is involved in to support students. Read about Summer Camp with reports from Summer Staff and the campers and how a small country community made the experiences on Summer Camp possible for their young people. And met John and Dan, a leader and Club member from Kelso in NSW.


December 2016 Newsletter

What makes Young Life tick? It’s our staff. Meet some of our newest members and find out what motivates their work with young people. Young Life Australia celebrates with Young Life in Belarus as they reach a special milestone and Ski Mission is kitting up for the future. Find out how you can be a part of their plans.

custardSeptember 2016 Newsletter & Annual Review

What has been the highlight for Young Life Australia in 2015-16? Our Area Managers give their perspective in this issue of Connections. CEO Glyn Henman reports how Young Life’s volunteers in schools and communities have generated growth in Young Life’s camping program and Financial Controller Llew Morris reports an increase of 15 percent in donations to Young Life in the past year.


June 2016 Newsletter

Read about the impact of technology on teenagers, fundraising events that have boosted established and green shoot areas, and the ultimate water sports adventure reuniting young people in western NSW with our travelling Young Life team.