• Praise God 
    • for early 2021, where we met over 40 NEW kids at our Drop-In Space, began a journey with a local church to consider assisting with youth Drop-In events, and held our first Cable Park Ski day.
    • for the consistency of our volunteer leaders during the rest of 2021, who continued to meet (& later they video-chatted) about new Contact Work methods, collaborated on Instagram posts, and planned possible re-opening activities.
    Pray that 
    • Mt Waverley students returning to school will begin socialising gradually, giving grace to each other, & for their families as they adjust to vaccination boundaries.  
    • Those teens we met in Term 1 may REMEMBER us & our space as a place of fun & acceptance.  We pray for community to re-develop, and wisdom on how to engage others via the school wellbeing team.
    • That leaders in local churches will have RESTED sufficiently to GO again with discipleship & worship connections.  Also for youth ministry events to be possible, where energy may swell towards volunteering in mission, perhaps alongside us.
    • For ALL YL areas to reimagine their own ministry, including a local Summer ‘Camp’ style event.
    • The Southern Leader’s Retreat weekend at Halls Gap will go ahead during ANZAC Day 2022, as the last 2 were cancelled at short notice with VIC lockdowns,  and that staff & volunteers will practice good self-care in the meantime.
    • Further viewing by teens of our efforts on social media (esp. Instagram), for interest in our Summer 2022 program to spread & grow organically.

Anthony Wheaton, Field Staff Monash