Pray – Belarus and the Baltics

  • Praise the Lord for the 30+ teens who put their faith in Jesus for the first time this summer at camp and well as the others who renewed their commitment to follow Jesus.
  • Praise the Lord for the church partnerships, volunteer leaders, staff, prayer supporters, financial supports and encouragers who make this mission possible.
  • Please pray for teens in Belarus & the Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) who do not know Jesus.  Pray they will hunger and thirst for spiritual truth and connect with one of our team.
  • Pray for our  team of volunteer leaders and staff as they connect with teens each week at school or local hangouts to build friendships and share their faith.
  • Pray for our weekly club and bible study meetings in 8 different locations throughout Belarus and Lithuania.  Pray the gospel will clearly be communicated, teens would put their faith in Jesus and believers will grow in their faith.  Pray especially for wisdom, creativity and flexibility with online meetings during lockdowns.  Pray teens will be drawn to one of our events, and distractions will be removed.
  • Pray for the urgent need for 2 new full-time staff and 30 more volunteer leaders to help us with growth and reaching more teens.
  • We are looking for expats/missionaries to come and join with us to help grow Young Life in Belarus and the Baltics.  Pray God will call others to partner with us for 1-3 years.
  • Pray for our leaders’ relationship with Jesus to grow and mature, pray for team unity and continued love to reach the lost.
  • Pray doors will open to allow us to start youth ministry in new locations.  Due to political and cultural world-views there is a lot of opposition to Christian outreach.
  • Pray for the Hamilton family, for travel safety, spiritual growth, strong marriage and for the Hamilton kids to have strong friendships and a strong faith too.

Mark Hamilton