Unite with Young Life to Pray for Youth 

Young Life believes if ever there was a time to come together and step up in faith, prayer and support for our youth it is NOW!

Our young people have faced unprecedented loss, trauma and stress over the past two years as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact. In Australia, youth unemployment hit a record high, there has been widespread disruption to learning, many have been isolated from extended family and friends and more young people than ever say they’re struggling with mental health issues. Students in their final year of school are about to sit exams after a graduation year defined by uncertainty, stress and anxiety.

‘Pray for Youth Week’ includes a number of different opportunities to not only pray for our youth but to let them know that they are supported, cared for, and loved by a whole community of faith.

Link to: Online Prayer Event : Oct 27

Wall of Hope

To support our Youth, we invite you to post on the ‘Wall of Hope’. This virtual message board will display an outpouring of encouragement, hope and love, featuring both messages to individuals as well as to our younger generation as a whole. It’s easy to add a message!

What we are praying for :

We are asking Him to fill our youth with truth, confidence and resilience so they can build a better tomorrow.

We are praying that the Holy Spirit would be active in their lives and they would continue to seek him out as they navigate difficult times, looking for answers to the questions they carry in their hearts.

We are praying for healing and growth during a season where they’ve experienced such loss.


You can:

  • pray as part of your church service
  • pray in your small group
  • organise a morning/afternoon tea and pray
  • pray in any way you are available to do so. 


Young Life Area Prayer Points

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