Pray – Young Life’s National Mission

  • Pray for young people as they navigate this time of Covid-19, pray the Holy Spirit would revel the truth of who Jesus is as they seek answers to the questions they have at this time 
  • Pray for the adults who engage with young people on a daily basis, pray they would bring hope and security at this time.  For those Christian adults, pray they would have opportunity to share a little bit about they hope they carry in Jesus. 
  • Pray for schools and teachers, pray for wisdom as they welcome students back to the learning environment of daily school life and have to enforce new hygiene and social distancing protocols.  Pray they would see this as appropriate care with everyone’s best interests as heart
  • Pray for churches, pray as restrictions ease that they would be able to welcome new people who are seeking answers and looking for a community to care and support them
  • Pray for Young Life volunteers and staff as they begin to reconnect with teenagers again.  Pray for favour as they meet together and process the past 2 years with fires and Covid-19.  Pray they would meet new young people who don’t know Jesus and find ways to communicate God’s love for them 
  • Pray for Young Life donors and supporters, pray for their families, employment and businesses as they return to work places and social connections.  Pray they would have favour within the sphere of influence and find ways to love, support and encourage those who are less fortunate than themselves
  • Pray for Young Life, pray for the board management team as we support the work in the field with young people.  Pray for wisdom to make the necessary decisions, pray for ongoing finance as we look to connect with more young people and support them through this time of Covid-19 and beyond
  • Pray for those who have lost their jobs and income, pray for new opportunities and capacity to provide shelter and food.  Pray they would not loose heart at this time of change and that God would sustain in this time of trouble
  • Pray for all levels of government as they continue to lead our nation and communities, pray wisdom and insight as they make decision that will impact all people

Glyn Henman, CEO Young Life Australia