Pray – Young Life in Ryde

  • Praise God for the volunteers who helped to create the online content as a way of connecting with teenagers when Covid-19 closed down Club
  • Praise God for the youth who have interacted with Insta Club and our Zoom meetings. Please pray for more to join us
  • Pray for wisdom regarding the decision of when and how to restart Club when social-distancing restrictions are lifted
  • Give thanks for our supporters and donors who have continued to give and offer encouragement during this time
  • Pray for our church connections and their ministries; and pray that together we will continue to find ways to make Jesus known among the young people and families living in the area
  • Pray for the Young Life Ryde Committee, for new members to join and be part of setting the course for Young Life in Ryde
  • Pray for me, Ben Hura in my role as Area Manager of Ryde and my conversations with schools in the district about how Young Life might serve in their setting