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Our National Resource Hub

Glyn Henman

Chief Executive Officer

Glyn came on the Young Life scene over 20 years ago - as a favour for a friend dropping some rowdy teenagers home after a Club night. He thought they were all crazy, but there was something genuine about the commitment the leaders showed to youth, and the transformation he saw in young lives, that made him want to be involved.

Glyn genuinely wants to see young people become all they can be. From leader to manager to the top job in Young Life - his years of experience, his gift for mentoring and incredible vision for the future inspire everyone around him.

Now a respectable family man with a beautiful wife and two daughters, he still can’t resist unleashing his ‘Young Life crazy’ on the rare occasion..

Llew Morris

Chief Financial Officer

Fudge Jordan

IT & Process Manager

Tiffany Gavel

Communications Manager