A break away from the every-day

Getting away from it all so often leads to gaining a new perspective!

Young Life Summer Camp offers teens a break away from every-day routines and the chance to re-boot and re-discover what really matters in life.

The Drought and Summer Camp

Young Life works in several towns currently gripped by the drought. This is why we would like to sponsor teens from the bush – to attend Summer Camp in 2020 and remove this cost from the minds and worries of drought-affected families.

You can choose a town to support in the list below or tell us where you would like us to direct your gift in the comments section. Thank you so much!

  • $600 full camp sponsorship

    Covers the full cost so a young person from the community, who would otherwise not be able to attend, can be at Summer Camp.

  • $450 assisted place

    Will offset the full cost for a family wanting to send their teen to camp.

  • $300 help a sibling

    Sometimes, sending one teen to camp is possible but two is unaffordable. $300 will help a brother or sister attend for half price.

  • $150 for ongoing support

    When camp is over, the campers will return home where they continue to be supported by their local Young Life team. $150 is a gift toward this ongoing investment in their lives.

Young Life Australia is a registered charity and all gifts $2 and over are tax-deductible.

All gifts are directed to the area of most need if a target is met.

We are committed to protecting your privacy and recognise the trust you are placing in us. Any information that you provide to Young Life Australia remains private and is only used for the purposes outlined in our privacy statement available here.

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