Workplace donations are deducted from employees’ pre-tax income by the payroll department and directly deposited to Young Life, removing the fuss from charitable donations and reducing your taxable income at the same time!

How Workplace Giving Works for You…

• It’s easy for employers and employees to set up

• Your organisation makes a difference together as a team

• Automatically deducted from employees’ gross income each pay

• Since it’s a pre-tax donation, no need for a tax receipt at EOFY

• Provides Young Life with regular support with easy administration

• Employers are able to match employees’ gifts, doubling the impact!

The advantage for Young Life

Regular donations are the lifeblood of  of most charities, and Young Life Australia is no different. It’s the regular support we can count on, that helps us to plan for the year ahead and budget for our programs and our growth.

Workplace giving is a way to donate regularly as part of a team, and give Young Life the security of being able to plan for the future as we endeavour to impact young lives throughout Australia. Your gifts will go towards camps, programs in schools, and local youth activities that give us an opportunity to get alongside young people and be a positive influence in their lives.

The Next Step

Kelso High_cooking brekkieYou can make an incredible difference to the lives of young people together with your colleagues, and at the same time make your paycheck work smarter.

If you’re interested in supporting Young Life Australia in this way, speak to your employer today and ask them about the possibility of setting up this program in your workplace. See the fact sheet and FAQs for more information.

If your workplace already has a giving program up and running, you can choose to donate to Young Life through contacting your payroll personnel, we’ve designed a handy form you can take with you.

Other ideas for raising support include

– Volunteering at a local pancake breakfast

– Running a fundraising morning tea in your workplace

– Bring a table to a fundraising dinner or trivia night

– Invite us to run a lunchtime Club to see how much fun it is for the youth!

Summer Camp selfieWorkplace giving is a simple but significant way of accomplishing something tangible as a team, and making your organisation a place of generosity and impact.

You can connect your workplace to the young people we come alongside in communities throughout Australia, making a difference in their lives through the support and care you enable us to offer.

Not only will your organisation add value to the community through enacting corporate social responsibility, you’ll give your staff a boost of morale and ownership that feeds into their job satisfaction. You can also show your support of employees’ generosity by matching their gifts.

The program is uncomplicated and low-cost to administer, deducted by payroll from employee wages and donated as one bulk payment to Young Life Australia, who in turn receipts your organisation for the lump sum.

Download the fact sheet for a step by step guide to set up workplace giving in your organisation.

Talk me through this.

If you’re exploring the option of Workplace Giving and need to talk more about the process, or about what your money allows Young Life to do, please give us a call on 1300 557 647. We would love to hear from you.