is to see young people in our communities journey into adulthood with a deep sense of value and purpose.

With every young person we come into contact with, Young Life staff and volunteers come alongside to empower each individual to live a life full of adventure and satisfaction, in spite of the challenges they may face along the way.

We have a huge amount of fun spending time in high-schools, running clubs and camps, and participating in local communities in any way we can support the youth – the energy and creativity of our leaders is phenomenal!

With eyes to see potential and ears to listen in support, we are committed to caring, motivating and role-modelling a full, healthy and exemplary lifestyle to Australia’s upcoming generations.

Whether teenagers are seeking guidance or just acceptance, Young Life is here for them, with a desire for fun, a compassionate understanding heart, and a powerful message of hope.

  • Volunteers in Schools

    Young Life Australia places caring and responsible young adults into schools to mentor, guide and support high school age teenagers.

  • Clubs

    A regular hangout with games, music, and fun, as well as creative strategies to challenge their life values

  • Camps

    Young Life Australia runs a national summer holiday camp every January in addition to staging winter camps and smaller regional camps.

  • Chaplains & Student Wellbeing

    A growing part of our organisation’s work is supplying schools with skilled, compassionate and relate-able Chaplains and Student Wellbeing Workers

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