Young Life Australia Gap Year

We offer a unique opportunity for fresh high school graduates and young adults. A year to breathe, to grow in faith, to hone leadership skills and to serve others.

This gap year is not just a break; it’s a launching pad for the rest of your life, aligned with Jesus in your future studies, career or ministry. 

As global youth mission practitioners we are uniquely placed to walk alongside you in your relationship with Jesus, while preparing you to engage with the world around you. 

Winter or Summer sessions now available!

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Live In


Stay Local

Sydney, Canberra, Hobart, Barossa, Melbourne

During this transformative year, you will be a part of a community, growing with fellow ‘gappies’ and Young Life staff. Discussions on what it means to follow Jesus will be a norm. You’ll go on two discipleship intensives, engage in local missions with teenagers and explore life in different parts of Australia. An international trip? That’s on the cards too!

The Young Life Gap Year encompasses leadership training and mentorship from seasoned Young Life staff. You’ll have the chance to be a leader at Young Life clubs and summer camps.

The process is simple

The Young Life Gap Year program is more like an internship than a classroom. It encompasses adventures, community service and mentorship that mould you into a disciple. You will also journey with a national cohort via regular Zoom learning sessions, discussing leadership and practicing Jesus’ teachings with ‘gappies’ from across Australia.

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Then the process goes like this:

1. Apply 

2. We will check your references 

3. Once cleared, you’ll be invited to an in person or zoom catch up with the local staff member. 

4. If you’re a good fit, you will be accepted into the program. 

5. $1,000 deposit payment will be required to accept our offer to join the program.

Embrace the adventure!

Whether it’s high schools, skate parks, or university campuses, wherever young people are, you’ll be there. Additionally, you’ll camp at our summer camp in Jindabyne, attend Uni camps, national leaders retreats, and experience Young Life’s global mission at a camp in Southeast Asia. We’ll also provide specific outdoor adventures for solitude, community, and thrill—a wild, enriching mix.


Applications open now for Winter intake

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Fee Structure

Total Cost – $13,999* 

*Live-in option additional $150 per week, twin share, food not included

*If full payment done upfront, a discount of $1,000 will apply

Ministry Principles


“The Word became flesh and moved into the neighborhood” (John 1:14). “As you go, make disciples…” (Matthew 28:18). We go into their world, their culture, learn their language, instead of expecting them to come to our world, i.e., church, worship music, Christian terminology, etc. We are not based on meetings, but on authentic friendships that require the Young Life leaders to be present in the daily lives of their teenage friends. 


“You are always welcome here.” We provide a safe place for kids to hear and consider the claims of Jesus Christ. We say to kids, “you belong with us” in every verbal and non-verbal way we can. The Gospel is fundamentally inclusive. 

A Welcoming Community

The Young Life leaders and other supportive adults are a “mission community” with the purpose of communicating the Gospel to young people. Teens desire to belong. Young Life leaders create communities of friends who play together, laugh together, and share life together. When these friends begin to know Jesus, this community takes on the dynamic of Christian fellowship. 


We find common ground from which to build an unconditional friendship. Hopefully, this will form a bridge to their meeting Jesus, and to their friends, as well. But the friendship is authentic, whether they decide to follow Jesus or not. 


Jesus is the Gospel. After developing friendships and trust with kids, we are able to tell the stories about Jesus from the Gospels to help them see and feel what Jesus was like and how he interacted with people, and glimpse his power and authority.

Joy and Humour

We understand that humour and laughter are very powerful in breaking down barriers and building bridges. Laughter opens up the door to eventually share life together. 


Everything we do is well thought through. We always consider why before how. Prayer is the cornerstone of our planning and activities. We do not settle for mediocrity.

A Spirit of Adventure

We demonstrate that following Jesus is exciting, joyful, and sometimes scary through adventures, camps, and surprises. 

Disciples who Disciple others

Leaders are those who not just lead others but teach and equip others to lead others. Prayer always precedes, accompanies, and relentlessly follows all that we do.

Prayer always precedes, accompanies and relentlessly follows all that we do. 

Frequently asked questions

How much time does Gap Year involve per week? 

In a normal week, Gap Year will be a 15 hour commitment. Ideally this will look like 1 full day and 2 half days, with some after hours commitments. This gives you plenty of time to continue with your part time job! The travel weeks will involve being away for up to 7 days for Summer Camp, 10 days overseas and other blocks of 3 – 5 days, depending on the event. 

Who will be doing the supervising and teaching? 

You will be part of a small group locally supervised by Young Life staff, as well as a national cohort on Zoom, taught by Young Life staff from around the country. 

Is YL Gap Year accredited training? 

The normal Gap Year does not include nationally accredited training, we are learning Young Life ministry principles and following in the footsteps of Jesus through lived ministry experience. 

If you want to add accredited study to your year, you can choose to enrol externally in Cert IV in Ministry with Alpha Crucis. Contact us for more info. 

Can I move to another Young Life Area for Gap Year? 

Absolutely! If you want to experience life in another city, we would recommend the Live In option at Armidale, which for an additional cost will include supported accommodation, and the true living in community experience. 

What happens at the end of Gap Year? 

Your experiences and learning will set you up perfectly to join Young Life staff in local areas around Australia, funding dependent. Alternatively, you can stay on as a volunteer with Young Life or move on to your next ministry adventure, wherever God leads you! 

What does my payment include? 

Your Gap Year experience costs will cover travel and rego costs for Summer Camp in the Snowy Mountains, Young Life Staff Conference in Sydney, 2 x discipleship intensives, an overseas trip to the Philippines, and local camps and events, as well as training materials, insurance, merchandise and other goodies!