What we do

Young Life Australia aims to bring about personal growth and positive outcomes in young people. We all need somebody to lean on, and through serving the needs of the youth we are in contact with, our hope is that we can support and guide them to make great choices for their lives.

We seek to instil a sense of purpose and values in teenagers through instigating meaningful relationships with adult role models.

We’re not a boot-camp or a behaviour modification program, in case you’ve come looking for that. We are simply local leaders coming alongside young people in our community, whatever their journey.

In many ways we’re like a coach with support staff, and our team members are often not that much older than the teens we positively interact with.

Young Life has a team of specialist field staffers and volunteers, committed group leaders and energetic helpers, all screened, resourced, and trained in youth focussed leadership, counselling, and mentor roles.

We build self-esteem and confidence in teenagers, and provide practical advice as well as pastoral care, without judgement, in much the same way a School Chaplain might. In fact, a growing number of our YLA area leaders are School Chaplains as well.

Our people are highly motivated and thoroughly equipped to cope with just about any interaction situation. Someone is always available to help, guide, tutor, or simply just listen to the teenagers that we support. Any time of the day or night.