What we do

Young Life has a team of specialist field staffers and volunteers, committed group leaders and energetic helpers, all screened, resourced and trained in youth-focussed leadership, counselling, and mentoring roles.

Our people are highly motivated and thoroughly equipped, always available to help, guide, tutor, or simply listen. A growing number of our mentors are also School Chaplains.

Young Life Australia aims to journey life with young people so that through relationship and genuine care, teenagers can enter into adulthood with a deep sense of purpose.

Our relational model instills belonging, self-esteem, resilience and most importantly hope.

Volunteering in Schools

We place trained local volunteers to serve the needs of secondary school communities, from Scripture teaching to pancake breakfasts


A regular hangout with games, music, and fun, as well as creative strategies to challenge their life values


Young Life Australia runs a national summer holiday camp every January in addition to staging winter camps and smaller regional camps.


A growing part of our organisation’s work is supplying schools with skilled, compassionate and relatable Chaplains or Student Welfare Workers