Get Involved

Young Life has a place for all of us.

Young Life is about connections and community. As Young Life grows as an organisation, the community aspect of our identity has not diminished in the least, allowing us to retain the vibrant, caring culture we treasure.

It’s the strength of our community- far more important than any system- that allows us to be more like an organism, alive and adaptive, than simply a business.

Across all current Young Life areas, we are constantly creating new ways to reach young people, walk alongside them and help transform the trajectory of their lives.

The activities Young Life run are not the end in itself; the real reward is when a young person comes to us and tells us of a decision or realisation they have come to, that shows us that their values and worldview have changed for the better.

In all aspects of our organisation, we need people who know, believe in and actively support the vision of Young Life. We would love for you to consider what part you could play in transforming young lives through Young Life Australia.

Some of the key ways you can play a part…


If any of the programs have captured your attention, from flipping pancakes to helping out at a club event, we would love to hear from you.

There are also Area Committees in every Young Life community that support the staff and help with fundraising and events. We are always looking for new hands on deck!

Regular Giving

We can do nothing without the partnership of our financial supporters. Partnering with Young Life through monthly giving allows us to increase our operations and reach further in our vision to empower young lives.

Please consider becoming a regular giver, by donating to the young people who will be impacted by Young Life’s presence through the facilitation of your support. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.