Young Life Australia has been a National Chaplaincy Program provider since 2007 when the program was introduced.

Young Life assists schools in finding the right Chaplain or Student Wellbeing Support Worker to meet the school’s vision for the wellbeing of their  school community.

Chaplains and Student Wellbeing Workers seek to uphold the welfare component of school life by providing holistic care and support to students, staff and parents and complement other support services such as counselling to address emotional and mental health, and student engagement in the school environment.

These roles provide an additional adult role model in schools and operate with an open-door policy; they are there to be available for students and other members of the school community.

Our programs include community-based youth clubs, camps for students in Grades 5 – 12, breakfast programs and mentoring in schools. We are proud to partner with schools through the Chaplaincy and Student Wellbeing program.

What does a chaplain do?

Chaplains, while adhering to and living out their own spirituality, uphold the existing spiritual framework of students, staff and parents, and its practice in the school environment, with respect to all religious and cultural affiliations.

Chaplains facilitate the following services in schools:

  • Formal and “walk-in” times with students experiencing difficulties
  • Delivery of resilience-based welfare programs
  • Pastoral care for students and staff’s emotional and spiritual needs
  • Support to families in the wider school community
  • Where applicable, facilitate faith-based groups and religious education within the school
  • Run information and training programs for parents about adolescent issues
  • Support with life skills, wellbeing and extra-curricular programs