Young Life: Who, What and Why

Youth. It’s the age of future, potential, and promise. The world is alive with options and opportunities; everything happens – and then changes – so fast!

At the same time, these formative years are an intense journey, an absolute rollercoaster of emotions and events in the physical, mental and social aspects of their lives. It’s hard to keep up, to figure it all out, and to know who to turn to when they need answers, or for someone to listen and understand.

The desire of Young Life Australia is that young people in our communities would have role models to turn to, so they don’t need to navigate their journey alone.

Our vision is “connecting with young people in their world”. We believe the best way to assist young people to make great life choices, is to come alongside them, in their school and community, and equip them to live life to the fullest.

Where we’ve been able to make connections in a specific community, we build up a strong base of volunteer leaders who want to come alongside young people. and we raise money for our programs and staff so that we can offer regular programs- like weekly clubs, pancake breakfasts in schools-  to young people that are free or heavily subsidised.

We also make time to take young people on activities or camps, so that they have time away from their busy worlds to have fun in a different setting, and to think more clearly about the big questions of their current life, and future.

Young Life’s trained staff and volunteer leaders offer mentoring, leadership and genuine friendship. They share a compassion and enthusiasm for young people and are committed to modeling integrity through their values and example.

We work collaboratively with schools and the community to provide a safe space for young people to grow and develop in who they are today, and to inspire their hope for the future.

To find out which communities Young Life is active in, please click here. If you need to ask a question, or find out more about our organisation and how you can be involved, drop us a line!

Who we are… and are not

Young Life is both a community and a charity, an organism and not just an organisation.

We are not a social welfare group, an early-intervention team or a reform service. We sometimes get calls from people trying to find this kind of help, but the strength of Young Life is in relational outreach- in which trust is developed and issues are indeed explored- we are not targeted specifically at “troubled” teens.

Though we are connected to plenty of struggling or hurting young people, we usually build  a relationship with them through meeting them in their school or local hangout, not through referral.  We can’t fix messed-up young people, but we can be supportive, compassionate leaders who come alongside ; aim to bring them hope and challenge them to choose well for their futures.

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