Our Mission​ is to introduce young people to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith.​

We go where young people are and build genuine friendships. We provide adventurous, life-changing experiences and journey faith with young people. We’re there for the long haul.

Build Friendships.

We go where young people are and build personal relationships with them. We care for them, as they are, and believe in who they can be. We build friendships that are genuine and long lasting. We are committed to young people for the long run, regardless of their response to the Good News.


Provide fun, adventurous, life-changing and skill-building experiences.

Our weekly clubs are a place of belonging. We welcome kids in by playing games and singing songs. At the end of it all, we share a simple message about true Hope.
Our Summer camp is consistently voted as “the best time of their lives”. That’s because kids, take off to a place of welcome, of good food, of games and dancing, of small-group time and of revelation. Many of them return transformed and filled with Hope. 


Journey faith with young people. 

We run weekly meetings for kids who wish to learn more, ask questions or grow in their faith through study, service and leadership. 

We’re part of a global movement.

The foundations of YoungLife were laid in Texas USA in 1938, when Jim Rayburn -a gifted youth leader in Gainesville- had a life-changing moment and a burning desire to reach out to disinterested teenagers. Jim wanted to see young people living a full life, overflowing with hope, identity and purpose.

Jim’s weekly youth club was loaded with music, funny skits and exciting games, plus easily-digested positive messages that connected with the youth.
YoungLife was founded in 1941, spreading quickly through the USA, then Canada and other countries further afield.

Today, the organisation operates in more than 70 countries with over 5,600 staff and 67,000 volunteers globally.

The Australian story.

Young Life begun in Australia in 1972 after naval officer Arthur Ongley, read a book about Young Life. Taken by the philosophy he began a Young Life program, out of his home in Northmead.

Unbeknownst to Arthur, Cliff Johnson – a teacher from Colorado Springs with YoungLife experience – moved to Melbourne and quickly saw the need among young people in his community. In 1973 he began Young Life in his school’s vicinity. 

In 2000, the NSW and VIC branches of Young Life joined forces and Young Life Australia was born, with a national office based in Ryde, Sydney. Rapid expansion followed with the addition of the ACT and QLD.

Today, the Young Life Australia network has more than 300 trained volunteers in the field, who mentor, lead and share their faith with young people. Young Life is still growing, with work currently expanding in metro NSW and South Australia.

For the last 50 years, we have been offering supportive, compassionate mentors who model the love of Jesus and encourage young people to make community connections and positive life choices. 

What we value.

Faith. All staff and volunteers profess and exhibit a personal relationship in Jesus, and uphold His life and values – witnessing the whole gospel of Jesus Christ- through their words and actions. Read Statement of Faith.

Outreach. Researching and developing innovative approaches to reach young people so that the unreached, uninterested or uncommitted youth of the world shall continue to be reached.

Access & Equity. All young people wherever they may live in the world, or whatever may be their social, economic, ethnic, cultural, or racial environment.

Diversity. Seek out and welcome all those who join our organisation, male and female of all races, salaried and volunteer, with a diversity of Christian traditions linked in our common purpose, and to honour their calling and encourage the fullest expression of their gifts and strengths.

Integrity. The highest standards of ethical stewardship of all resources placed in our trust.

Care and Protection. To provide a safe, responsible and nurturing environment that fosters the health, developmental needs, spirituality, self-respect and dignity of a young person, adhering to the highest standards of behaviour and adhering to all child protection legislation.

Partnership. Active involvement and communication with donors, churches, schools and wider local communities.

Respect. ‘Earning the right to be heard’ by our young people and affiliates, and according mutual respect and the right to be listened to in return.

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