Young Life: Who, What and Why

Young Life Australia has been working with Australian young people in communities and schools since 1972. As a Christian organisation and registered charity, our vision is to make a difference in the lives of all young people.

Our volunteers come alongside teenagers, building bridges of genuine friendship. We do everything we can to serve and support teenagers and their families.

Each year, hundreds of young people attend Young Life pancake breakfasts or join in at Young Life ‘Club’. Many will meet up with their leader during the week and be invited to come on a Young Life camp.

Nothing overshadows the importance of time spent with young people because Young Life is above all, relational. We believe in the significance of relationships to change lives, protect against loneliness and build resilience.

Today our organisation is growing in response to the need in schools and communities. We would love you to join with us… to encourage, inspire and share with young people the life-changing message of Jesus.

To find out which communities Young Life is active in, please click here. If you need to ask a question, or find out more about our organisation and how you can be involved, drop us a line!

Who we are… and are not

Young Life Australia is not a social welfare or early-intervention team. We sometimes get calls from people trying to find this kind of help. There are some Useful Links at the bottom of this page if you are looking for specialised help.

Though we meet plenty of struggling or hurting young people, we build relationships in social settings, not through referral. We can offer supportive, compassionate leaders who model the love of Jesus while aiming to bring hope and encourage young people to make community connections and choose well for their future.

We hope you enjoy learning more about Young Life Australia.

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