Each year, hundreds of young people have the time of their lives at Young Life’s summer camp and school holiday events. We put on a classic array of programs with a mix of exciting experiences involving indoor and outdoor activities.

Summer camp is a national event filled with adrenalin-pumping recreational action (water tubing, sailing, blow dart skirmish and more), out and out fun (Crud War, tug of war, live music, and more), adventure (bush walking, BMX, and more) and challenges too (like climbing Mt Kosciusko!). Plus there’s a nightly talk from gifted speakers who reach out to the hearts of young people to connect with them in their world about life, values, achievement and hope.

Unlike many other organisations that run camps, the Young Life philosophy when it comes to feeding our teenagers is to provide top quality food that young people enjoy (heaps of cereal and lashings of bacon and eggs for brekky for example) with enough for seconds (or even thirds) so that everyone gets decent meals. They need them too, as our activities are designed to be both fun and strenuous, in order to instil a sense of achievement when they get through them!

We usually stage our summer and local events in quality serviced holiday accommodation with multi-bed cabins. Attendees from each area are put up in single gender accommodation and an adult Young Life Cabin Leader of the same gender is billeted in each of the cabins. It’s an awesome time away from the everyday that is not easily forgotten! We do also camp under canvas! Our local areas have a great time together camping in national parks and lake reserves. To view what’s coming up, see our events page.

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