Camp Registration

Pray – Belarus and the Baltics

  • Praise the Lord for the 30+ teens who put their faith in Jesus for the first time this summer at camp and well as the others who renewed their commitment to follow Jesus.
  • Praise the Lord for the church partnerships, volunteer leaders, staff, prayer supporters, financial supports and encouragers who make this mission possible.
  • Please pray for teens in Belarus & the Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) who do not know Jesus.  Pray they will hunger and thirst for spiritual truth and connect with one of our team.
  • Pray for our  team of volunteer leaders and staff as they connect with teens each week at school or local hangouts to build friendships and share their faith.
  • Pray for our weekly club and bible study meetings in 8 different locations throughout Belarus and Lithuania.  Pray the gospel will clearly be communicated, teens would put their faith in Jesus and believers will grow in their faith.  Pray especially for wisdom, creativity and flexibility with online meetings during lockdowns.  Pray teens will be drawn to one of our events, and distractions will be removed.
  • Pray for the urgent need for 2 new full-time staff and 30 more volunteer leaders to help us with growth and reaching more teens.
  • We are looking for expats/missionaries to come and join with us to help grow Young Life in Belarus and the Baltics.  Pray God will call others to partner with us for 1-3 years.
  • Pray for our leaders’ relationship with Jesus to grow and mature, pray for team unity and continued love to reach the lost.
  • Pray doors will open to allow us to start youth ministry in new locations.  Due to political and cultural world-views there is a lot of opposition to Christian outreach.
  • Pray for the Hamilton family, for travel safety, spiritual growth, strong marriage and for the Hamilton kids to have strong friendships and a strong faith too.

Mark Hamilton

Pray – Young Life in Dubbo

  • Pray for safety for our Dubbo community, particularly for our vulnerable population. 
  • Pray for the Aboriginal young people we have the privilege of working with, that they may experience God’s love, healing and protection. 
  • Pray for all young people in our community who live in anxious and uncertain times. Pray they will know the Lord’s comfort and care for them. 
  • Pray for Karla, Drew and Aaron as they use this time to study and be further equipped for when we return to our programs. Pray that we stand firm in faith. 
  • Pray for the Lords provision and that we don’t fret, but simply trust in his goodness during an economic downturn, of which we have felt the impact of in our area.

Karla Stait, Area Manager Dubbo

Pray – Young Life in Macedonia and Albania

Thank you for including our requests from Macedonia and Albania in your prayers.

  • Please pray…

    • Praise that Young Life North Macedonia is officially registered as a non-profit 
    • Pray for all the growing pains as we hire local staff in North Macedonia and Albania and for God’s provision 
    • For the legal registration of Young Life Albania to be approved (currently before the court) 
    • For our staff and volunteers in both nations as we reach out to students that are back in school in person for the first time in a year and a half 
    • For continued protection from the coronavirus as many have been impacted here and lost loved ones (Macedonia is third in the world for deaths per million) 
    • Pray that Jesus can be clearly proclaimed at our clubs and Bible studies and that lives will be impacted by His love and truth 
    • Pray for the Filipovski family as they travel to the US to visit family for the first time in 5 years in October 2021 

Brook Filipovski


For Parents and Carers – Covid-19 – Our next steps

Dear parents, carers and to everyone who attends Young Life Club,

Out of care and concern for the Australian community, we’d like you to know, Young Life Australia is aware of the latest advice about COVID-19 and is committed to acting responsibly. We are asking you to help us in line with the advice given by the respective Federal and State Health and Education Departments.

From Monday, June 29th, 2020 Young Life Australia will resume person-to-person activities and gatherings in a staged return in line with government health regulations. Please keep in contact by following us on Facebook and Instagram. Young Life Australia will continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation and act in step with developments according to Department of Education decisions and official advice from the relevant Health Departments.

We continue to advise that any person with COVID 19 symptoms not attend activities until they have quarantined for two weeks or have tested negative to COVID-19.

Thank you for being involved in Young Life and for helping us as we take the necessary steps to protect the wider community this season and as we begin to re-launch activities where appropriate.

We are committed to supporting young people and finding creative ways to keep in contact during the coming months. Please contact your Young Life leader and or Area Manager or myself if you have any questions.

Mark Stretton, Field Operations and Training Manager – Young Life Australia

P: 1300 557 647 E

Pray – Young Life in Greater Melbourne & Casey Area

Pray for the Greater Melbourne region:

  • Pray for what is happening in various areas throughout Greater Melbourne and the work in Monash and newly-established Casey
  • Pray for relationships to be built to enable more Young Life areas throughout Melbourne
  • Pray for Liz, personally, as she tries to manage the work/life balance such as health issues, sleepless nights and young children. May God sustain Liz spiritually, physically and emotionally through this challenging time

Liz Merritt, Area Manager Greater Melbourne

Pray – Young Life in Casey

  • Pray for Youth Alpha re-launch in Term 3 at Lakeside College and resuming games at lunchtime. Pray that kids will turn up and be encouraged by the ministry.
  • Pray for more volunteers with a heart for the ministry to help establish Young Life in this area really well so that the ministry continues to build and isn’t reliant on one person.

Isabelle Poulos, Volunteer Casey

Pray – Young Life in Hobart

Thank you for praying for our work in Tasmania!

Some prayer points:
  • Schools – With all the Covid-19 changes please pray Young Life will be able to resume our previous contact work and for new opportunities 
  • Local Chaplains – We are praying for Jenny, Michelle and Vic as they begin to welcome students back at school 
  • Barriers of fear put up because of Covid-19 – effecting youth attending club and contact work at schools
  • Hobart’s Northern Suburbs – We have a dream for a new club  and are praying for leaders, church partnerships and donors to join with us 
  • Kingborough Area – Another dream and prayers for leaders, church partnerships and donors
  • Thanks for the Government’s JobKeeper funding which is helping not-for-profits including Young Life through this time
  • Donorship increase – for opportunities to welcome more regular donors on board
  • Fundraising ideas – Covid-19 has impacted all the events that would have raised funds. Please pray for inspiration!

Alexandra Vesper, Area Manager Hobart

Pray – Young Life in Ryde

  • Thank God for our team and volunteers.
  • Give thanks for our supporters and donors who have continued to give and offer encouragement during this time.
  • Pray for growth and rebuilding when restrictions are lifted.
  • Pray that we would be able to reach many young people for Jesus.
  • Pray that our local church connections will grow and strengthen as we work together to help young people find Jesus.
  • Pray for a strong foundation of volunteers and Young Life Ryde Committee members.
  • Pray that Young Life will grow within the area and extend to many schools.

Pray – Young Life in Parramatta

  • Please pray for the online content that we do at Parramatta (Insta Club and our Zoom Club gatherings). We would just love to have more young people turning up
  • Please pray that we can minister to the kids who are tuning in and those we have maintained contact with during social distancing
  • One of our kids is currently in India and will remain there for the foreseeable future. We would love prayer that he would be able to return safely back to his home in Australia 
  • Lastly, would love prayer for a potential return to Club, whenever that will be. No idea how that will come about as there is so much uncertainty but would love you to pray for that in the long term

Michael Senthilnathan, Parramatta Field Staff

Pray – Young Life’s National Mission

  • Pray for young people as they navigate this time of Covid-19, pray the Holy Spirit would revel the truth of who Jesus is as they seek answers to the questions they have at this time 
  • Pray for the adults who engage with young people on a daily basis, pray they would bring hope and security at this time.  For those Christian adults, pray they would have opportunity to share a little bit about they hope they carry in Jesus. 
  • Pray for schools and teachers, pray for wisdom as they welcome students back to the learning environment of daily school life and have to enforce new hygiene and social distancing protocols.  Pray they would see this as appropriate care with everyone’s best interests as heart
  • Pray for churches, pray as restrictions ease that they would be able to welcome new people who are seeking answers and looking for a community to care and support them
  • Pray for Young Life volunteers and staff as they begin to reconnect with teenagers again.  Pray for favour as they meet together and process the past 2 years with fires and Covid-19.  Pray they would meet new young people who don’t know Jesus and find ways to communicate God’s love for them 
  • Pray for Young Life donors and supporters, pray for their families, employment and businesses as they return to work places and social connections.  Pray they would have favour within the sphere of influence and find ways to love, support and encourage those who are less fortunate than themselves
  • Pray for Young Life, pray for the board management team as we support the work in the field with young people.  Pray for wisdom to make the necessary decisions, pray for ongoing finance as we look to connect with more young people and support them through this time of Covid-19 and beyond
  • Pray for those who have lost their jobs and income, pray for new opportunities and capacity to provide shelter and food.  Pray they would not loose heart at this time of change and that God would sustain in this time of trouble
  • Pray for all levels of government as they continue to lead our nation and communities, pray wisdom and insight as they make decision that will impact all people

Glyn Henman, CEO Young Life Australia