Young Life New England

Our vision is to double our impact in 2024.
Would you partner with us again?

We’d like to see double the number of young people we minister to, 

double the pancake breakfast programs we run and 

double the after-school weekly programs.

Would you help give young people the opportunity to experience unconditional love, acceptance and encouragement?


Would you help give young people the opportunity to hear the life changing message of Jesus Christ?

“My daughter doesn’t want to be a part of anything else. She has loved coming to young life this year and feels like she matters and is cared for”

Young Life New England ministry goals

Goals  2023  2024  2025  2026 
Kids known by name  60  120  200  250 
Pancake breakfast program  1  2  4  6 
After school weekly clubs  2  4  6  10 
Kids discipled/trained, joining churches  0  10  20  40 

Young Life New England annual budget

# of donors  $ per Month  Annual total 
25 donors  $20  $6,000 
17 donors  $50  $10,200 
10 donors  $200  $24,000 
8 donors  $300  $ 28,800 
4 donors  $400  $19,200 
2 donors  $500  $12,000 
66 donors  $8,350  $100,200 

Where will the money go?

Wages for current and future staff

A new qualified Christian youth worker to oversee our new programs in 2024

Program items, including food, games, equipment and transport

As you may know, Young Life is a Christian ministry, fully funded by donations, offering the vast majority of our programs free of charge to young people.

Our existence, growth and impact succeeds because of the generosity of supporters like you! And the most effective way to propel this work, is through a monthly gift. 

Currently our ministry is at a point of great need, with $50,000 required to operate for the remainder of this financial year. Would you help us be there for young people this year and beyond?

When you partner with us, you receive: 

  • Become part of the Young life New England community, helping grow relationships with youth within the region to come to know Jesus 
  • Invitations to our special donor events twice-year, held at Kirkwood st Armidale 
  • An invitation to Young Life National Journey of Generosity events  
  • Quarterly newsletters to keep you up-to-date with the ministry
  • A sense of building the Kingdom here on earth as your investment helps establish His Kingdom through the work of Young Life New England  
  • Your contribution is fully tax deductible  
  • We encourage you to join our social pages to see what’s happening every week

Thank you!