Summer Camps 2022

Young Life lives for Summer and we have some great news..Summer activities in  2022 is ON!!

Every state will have its own Summer program, check back again for updates if you don’t see your state’s camp listed here

NSW-ACT Camp – 17-21 January, Wisemans Ferry, Hawkesbury NSW 

SA Camp – 15-18 January 2022, Camp Kedron, Lake Bonney, SA

QLD Summer Program


What is a Young Life Summer Camp?

Young Life is known for camps, and each year, hundreds of kids around the world spend time at a Young Life camp, having an experience that many describe as “The Time of their Life”

Each camp is different but the one common denominator is FUN! We spend time doing activities such as waterskiing, archery tag, hiking, canoeing etc Every year we see young people try things they’ve never done before, overcome fears and push themselves to another level!

After an action-packed day, the fun continues at nights with games, music, and a talk that challenges us to take a deeper look at what life is all about from a Christian perspective. Campers have the opportunity to share and ask questions in a discussion with their Cabin Leader afterwards.

By the end we’re exhausted… but we never want to leave!

Who looks after the campers?

Campers are predominately looked after by experienced Young Life volunteer leaders who serve in local areas. Cabin Leaders are in turn looked after by Head Cabin Leaders with several years experience.

All activities, and overall camp coordination, is supervised by Summer Staff. Meals, cleaning and many other needs are overseen by the camp Work Crew.

The bulk of these individuals are Young Life volunteers who are trained, and give up their time to make Camp a great experience for the campers – we’re so grateful to them!

  • Got a question?

    Email us at office@younglife.org.au and we’ll answer your questions.

  • Serve at Summer Camp 2022

    Interested in joining us as Work Crew at one of our Summer Camps in 2022? Drop us an email at office@younglife.org.au

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