A message from the CEO, Glyn Henman

Glyn HenmanAs we move forward as an organisation, we celebrate all of the positive interactions we have with high school aged young people: during school hours through our Volunteers in Schools community program; at our regular Club nights; and on the countless get-togethers and camps our leaders arrange with the young people they mentor and interact with.

Yet, there are so many more teenagers we could be helping. We are continuing to reach out to new communities, and engage more fully in our existing areas.

One of the biggest roadblocks young people are facing is a vacuum of hope and purpose; I believe when hope is restored in a young person’s life, they can go on to develop the ability to make a valuable contribution with their life in the wider community.

Our vision for Young Life is to be a conduit for positive change, emotional and spiritual growth for the youth of Australia, so with the right support and encouragement, they can make positive and fulfilling choices for their lives.

My role as CEO provides me with a window into the inner workings of the lives of today’s generation of teenagers; I feel incredibly fortunate to play a part in being there for our young people when it really counts, by providing friendship, guidance and support so they can reach their full potential.

It’s about instilling strong values and providing a shoulder to lean on. It’s about delivering guidance, support, understanding and compassion. It’s about listening without judgement and leading by example.

I’ve been involved in working with Australian teens for the past 30 years and I have been fortunate to have worked with thousands of youths around the country, in Asia, and the USA.

My main responsibilities in the organisation involve training staff and volunteers who work with Young Life, developing our network throughout Australia, raising financial support and seeking out new opportunities to start Young Life in new communities in partnership with local churches, schools and community groups.

I invite you to contact myself or the team for more information on how you can help, how to get involved, or how to take advantage of our various youth support initiatives.

Best regards,

Glyn Henman
CEO – Young Life Australia

The founder’s philosophy

“Our young people today are waiting for somebody to care about them enough to take the time and trouble to pour out compassion on them. To prove their friendship. To bridge this tragic and terrible gap that exists in our culture between teenagers and adults.”

Jim Rayburn, Jnr
(1909 – 1970)
founder of Young Life