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For Parents and Carers – Covid-19 – Our next steps

Dear parents, carers and to everyone who attends Young Life Club, Out of care and concern for the Australian community, we’d like you to know, Young Life Australia is aware of the latest advice about COVID-19 and is committed to acting responsibly. We are asking you to help us in line with the advice given […]

Pray – Young Life in Greater Melbourne & Casey Area

Pray for the Greater Melbourne region: Pray for what is happening in various areas throughout Greater Melbourne and the work in Monash and newly-established Casey Pray for relationships to be built to enable more Young Life areas throughout Melbourne Pray for Liz, personally, as she tries to manage the work/life balance such as health issues, […]

Pray – Young Life in Hobart

Thank you for praying for our work in Tasmania! Some prayer points: Schools – With all the Covid-19 changes please pray Young Life will be able to resume our previous contact work and for new opportunities  Local Chaplains – We are praying for Jenny, Michelle and Vic as they begin to welcome students back at school  […]

Pray – Young Life in Ryde

Thank God for our team and volunteers. Give thanks for our supporters and donors who have continued to give and offer encouragement during this time. Pray for growth and rebuilding when restrictions are lifted. Pray that we would be able to reach many young people for Jesus. Pray that our local church connections will grow […]

Pray – Young Life in Parramatta

Please pray for the online content that we do at Parramatta (Insta Club and our Zoom Club gatherings). We would just love to have more young people turning up Please pray that we can minister to the kids who are tuning in and those we have maintained contact with during social distancing One of our […]

Pray – Young Life’s National Mission

Pray for young people as they navigate this time of Covid-19, pray the Holy Spirit would revel the truth of who Jesus is as they seek answers to the questions they have at this time  Pray for the adults who engage with young people on a daily basis, pray they would bring hope and security at […]

Pray – Young Life in Canberra

Thanks to our Father God that although this year has been significantly disrupted, He still has plans to reach young people with the gospel and for allowing us to be a part of that  Thanks we have been sustained spiritually, physically and financially through this challenging time.  Thanks to our Canberra community who have continued […]

Pray – Young Life in Monash

Praise God  for early 2021, where we met over 40 NEW kids at our Drop-In Space, began a journey with a local church to consider assisting with youth Drop-In events, and held our first Cable Park Ski day. for the consistency of our volunteer leaders during the rest of 2021, who continued to meet (& […]

Pray – Young Life in Bathurst

Please pray for the vision and direction for the future of Young Life Bathurst For more people to serve through Young Life Bathurst Pray for the provision of some more leaders for the Kelso Wyld Life Club Provision of some people who can form a committee to serve YL Bathurst  That our Wyld Life kids would […]

Pray – Young Life in Barossa

Thank you for praying. In terms of the big picture please pray for: Raising of funds to reach more kids, create full time capacity in Barossa  Planning and implementing local camps  Deeper relationships with local churches  Some specific prayer points include: Our strategy for school outreach going forward as part of the new normal  A […]