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Young Life Prayer Team

EOI – Summer in VIC 2021

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Pray – Young Life in Dubbo

  • Pray for safety for our Dubbo community, particularly for our vulnerable population. 
  • Pray for the Aboriginal young people we have the privilege of working with, that they may experience God’s love, healing and protection. 
  • Pray for all young people in our community who live in anxious and uncertain times. Pray they will know the Lord’s comfort and care for them. 
  • Pray for Karla, Drew and Aaron as they use this time to study and be further equipped for when we return to our programs. Pray that we stand firm in faith. 
  • Pray for the Lords provision and that we don’t fret, but simply trust in his goodness during an economic downturn, of which we have felt the impact of in our area.

Karla Stait, Area Manager Dubbo

Pray – Young Life in Hobart

Thank you for praying for our work in Tasmania!

Some prayer points:
  • Schools – With all the Covid-19 changes please pray Young Life will be able to resume our previous contact work and for new opportunities 
  • Local Chaplains – We are praying for Jenny, Michelle and Vic as they begin to welcome students back at school 
  • Barriers of fear put up because of Covid-19 – effecting youth attending club and contact work at schools
  • Hobart’s Northern Suburbs – We have a dream for a new club  and are praying for leaders, church partnerships and donors to join with us 
  • Kingborough Area – Another dream and prayers for leaders, church partnerships and donors
  • Thanks for the Government’s JobKeeper funding which is helping not-for-profits including Young Life through this time
  • Donorship increase – for opportunities to welcome more regular donors on board
  • Fundraising ideas – Covid-19 has impacted all the events that would have raised funds. Please pray for inspiration!

Alexandra Vesper, Area Manager Hobart

Pray – Young Life in Ryde

  • Praise God for the volunteers who helped to create the online content as a way of connecting with teenagers when Covid-19 closed down Club
  • Praise God for the youth who have interacted with Insta Club and our Zoom meetings. Please pray for more to join us
  • Pray for wisdom regarding the decision of when and how to restart Club when social-distancing restrictions are lifted
  • Give thanks for our supporters and donors who have continued to give and offer encouragement during this time
  • Pray for our church connections and their ministries; and pray that together we will continue to find ways to make Jesus known among the young people and families living in the area
  • Pray for the Young Life Ryde Committee, for new members to join and be part of setting the course for Young Life in Ryde
  • Pray for me, Ben Hura in my role as Area Manager of Ryde and my conversations with schools in the district about how Young Life might serve in their setting

Pray – Young Life in Canberra

  • Thanks to our Father God that although this year has been significantly disrupted, He still has plans to reach young people with the gospel and for allowing us to be a part of that 
  • Thanks we have been sustained spiritually, physically and financially through this challenging time. 
  • Thanks to our Canberra community who have continued to support us in prayer, donations, through kind words and in action
  • Thanks for our volunteers, committee and staff who have given us their time and energy even as life has become that much more complicated for each of us 
  • Thanks for how this crisis has brought together our national team to greater unity and cooperation, and for all the work in brain storming, production and child safety and that has gone on to ensure that ministry could continue online 
  • Thanks for the young people we’ve been able to connect with online both nationally and locally through Instagram club videos, zoom hangouts and our discord server 
  • Thanks for Tim and Jono who have endured in their commitment to learning, growing and serving as trainee staff this year, without complaint whether online or in person, and for the simple practical ministry that has provided for me to focus on
  • Thanks for the period of rest and renewal that this time has provided from the often hectic pace of ministry
  • Prayer for a renewed vision and strategy to reach unchurched teens in Belconnen and across Canberra in light of Covid-19 and its unknown long term impact 
  • Prayer for new and creative ways to connect with, do life with, and share the gospel with Canberran young people, in particular, in Hawker and Evatt
  • Prayer for greater cooperation between churches and ministries in reaching young people in our area 
  • Prayer that workers would be raised up, both volunteers and staff, who would have a hunger to connect with the unreached
  • Prayer for favour with young people, schools, carers, local government and the community as we look toward recommencing in person activities
  • Prayer that our Lord Jesus would make Himself known to this rising generation and that He would bring about a transformation of new life to our community
  • Thanks for you for praying with us! 

Alex Lee, Area Manager Canberra

Pray – Young Life in Guyra

Thank you for praying for Young Life in Guyra!

  • Please pray there will be enough girls interested in bible study to continue doing a bible study. (Half of the group has moved from Guyra)
  • That the teens will understand their need for Jesus 
  • That our club numbers will grow 
  • That we will find a more suitable location for club
  • Also for more leaders to join our team

Rachel Russell, Field Staff Guyra